How can an L-shaped desk transform your productivity at work, or play?

by Michael Morrow on December 21, 2020

Choosing the perfect desk for your workspace is an important process.

An L-shaped desk is an option that should be at the forefront of your home office design. There are many benefits of L-shaped desks, whether as a workspace, or a professional gaming set up, and here are some of the top ones!

Maximize Your Space
Space is at a premium, especially if you work in a crowded office, or a small home space, and an L-shaped desk is a fantastic way to use it to the fullest. L-shaped desks can fit into corners and use that previously unusable space. They are also incredibly versatile and can also naturally form a cubicle where there aren’t any existing walls.

Cost Effective
L-shaped desks are surprisingly affordable when you consider how much more space they offer. Our RIF6 L-Shaped Computer Desk with Keyboard Shelf Tray offers a simple yet elegant design that's affordable at the current price of $149.99. L-shaped desks are also cost-effective when it comes to using all the space that you pay for. Instead of wasting the corners and leaving valuable real estate unused on the walls, an L-shaped desk with a hutch will maximize your horizontal and vertical corner space.

Multi-tasking and Productivity
Whether you're creating a work space, or a gaming set up, L-shaped desks give you the space that you need to do more than one thing. L-shaped desks have the space for you to use books, papers, invoices, or even second, third or even sometimes fourth monitor! When you can multitask effectively, you will naturally be more productive.

Our Rif6 L-Shaped Computer Desk with Keyboard Shelf Tray
Our sleek black premium medium-density fiberboard L-shaped desk is the best on the market as an affordable option with many benefits. What separates our L-shaped desk from others on the market is that we offer an easy 60-minute set-up, which gives you more time to work, or play without the hassle of scratching your head at the instructions. Measuring 110.5 x 19.7 x 29.1 inches, our wide set up ensures you'll have plenty of space for multiple devices, or if you're creating your perfect game set-up, you can fit approximately 4 monitors.